Beautiful Newborn Clothing for a Baby’s First Christmas

baby clothing gift set

The Purple Monkey- Beautiful Newborn Clothing for a Baby’s First Christmas

Nothing is more magical than holding a newborn baby in your arms, particularly during the darkest time of the year. If your little-one arrives this winter, one of your first priorities will be to keep them as warm and snuggly as possible.

If you’re a relative or friend of the new baby’s parents, any clothing you give will always be appreciated!

The Purple Monkey has a wonderful range of lovingly-designed clothing for newborns.

Are you becoming a new aunt, grandparent or godparent? Among our selection are gift sets that are ideal for Christmas and contain an assortment of clothing along with an adorable soft toy.

This range includes this Unisex Set which includes a navy blue romper with captivating details.

It also has a stylish bib and a contemporary rabbit toy both the little-one and parents will want to treasure.  It’s easy to add a custom message to any of our gift sets to make it extra special.

Elsewhere in our collection is this 2-Piece Guardsman Set that’s made of the finest quality cotton. Whether your baby is playing or away in the land of nod, this outfit will ensure they’re feeling comfortable.

Along with our beautiful clothing, you’ll find a range of toys, feeding and wearing equipment, nursery decorations and much more on our website.

If you’re looking for gorgeous clothing for a newborn baby, check out our latest selection today. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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