Adorable Teething Ring Toys for your Baby

The Purple Monkey– Adorable Teething Ring Toys for your Baby

Did you know, babies get their first tooth when they’re about 6 months old?

A teething ring toy is one of the best ways to relieve the pain when your little-one’s teeth are coming through.

Most babies start having teeth come through between 6-12 months. It is believed teething is most painful around 25-33 months old. You might find they not only cry during this time, but they might drool quite a bit!

Why teething rings are useful toys during this period.

Toys provide a counter-pressure to your baby’s emerging teeth and massage the gums. When looking for teething rings, it’s important to look for toys that are made of soft silicone, wood or rubber.  It’s obviously crucial that they don’t contain any toxic materials.

Our beautifully designed teething toys include this Baby Crochet Bracelet which has various different surfaces for them to chow down on. This is also brilliant for developing their sensory awareness. Since it’s available in a number of colours, it’s easy to find one which reflects their unique personality.

If you’re looking to give this teething bracelet for Christmas or another celeration, you can easily include a custom message.

Find out more about our delightful teething ring toys. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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